Rafaella OBX is Co-Champion Filly at the American Hanoverian Inspection
Our filly, Rafaella OBX, (Rousseau  X  Brimming/Banter) performed up to her pedigree at Bridlewood Farms, Hanoverian Inspection.  She generated allot of attention before we entered the ring and really impressed the judges with her elasticity, when she started to 'trot'.

There were 10 fillies inspected and the judges called two of us back into the ring, when the class was completed. The judges took turns explaining each of the filly’s strong points to the audience.  Susanne Quarrels stated: Rafaella OBX was the AHS Inspection Co-Champion Filly for the day, at Bridlewood Farm.  Inspectors comments included: “Here we have a beautiful filly that holds the standard that every breeder should try to attain.  She has a gorgeous head and neck with well balanced, powerful hindquarters.  Her 'push from behind' and 'strong hock action', helps her lift and use her shoulders that allows her to reach and extend as we have witnessed today.  She was the 'best mover of the day' and is a beautiful picture for all of us to enjoy”.

Barbara Schmidt, DVM, who is also a breeder that we hold in high esteem, told me after the class, that our filly was 'very athletic' and if she was on her farm, she would not leave.  A very welcomed comment from a very knowledgeable horse woman.

The first photo of her with her mother Brimming, was taken after the class was completed and awarded Co-Champion Filly of the day.

Rafaella OBX today, at 18 months of age.

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